Dragon Medicine


We are multidimensional beings on a journey to calibrate our Highest Self and

Source consciousness with this current physical reality.

Dragon Medicine has arisen from deep within my being to serve 

humanity's evolution and healing with my unique energetic signature.

I have realized these major aspects of mySelf as:

Dragon, ShapeShifter, Liberator,

Lover of Light and Wisdom,

Initiator of Embodied Freedom, Harmony and Movement. 

My mission is to serve your Highest Self's embodiment of Freedom.

My medicine is clarifying, powerful, insightful, transformative

and manifests miracles, shifts in perception, perspective and equilibrium. 

I revel in disorientation, chaos and stagnancy - seeing and accepting it for what it is

while confidently commanding peace, stillness and balance. 


*My massive, earthy dragon-body, like a tree rooted deeply into the planet

with branches spanning the universe, is a conduit for anchoring Heaven into our bodies,

as well as poignant wisdom for this moment.

*My fiery dragon-breath gently stirs the embers deep within your being

to ignite roaring flames of passion and energy. 


*My mastery of movement is a gentle wind caressing your Spirit,

encouraging stagnant energy to dance, be cleared and replaced

by the highest Light of your Spirit.  


*My compassion and empathy is a radiant waterfall of love that sees you clearly

and offers you a direct link to the flow that you already exist within.

I happily guide you to relax and be gently drawn

down the stream of your own Higher Self’s guidance.

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©2019 Joy Vita Verde